Victor Cidnavi is saxophonist, composer, and band leader.
He plays a tenor saxophone that is tuned to a pitch of A = 432 Hz (
C = 256 Hz)
The custom-made instrument has been manufactured in Italy by the company Borgani.

The natural intonation of the 432 Hz instrument - in contrast to instruments tuned to a pitch of 440 Hz - reproduces the original frequencies and frequency interactions that resonate in harmony with the sonority of nature and the universal energy field.  

"Sound is the medicine of the future..." (Edgar Cayce)

Water sound image
at A = 440 Hz

Water sound image
at A = 432 Hz

440 hz 432 hz

Victor Cidnavi is a prolific composer; his compositions cover a wide range of musical styles: 
Blues and R&B, Funk, Hard Bop, Latin Jazz, Free Jazz, and
Oriental Jazz Rock

As a band leader, Victor Cidnavi has played live concerts with the following band formations, all using original compositions:

=> Kundalini Jazz Experience:  Free Bop with Klaus Wallmeier (drums), Luke Wilkins (violin), and Victor Cidnavi (tenor sax).

=> NuStream Jazz Quartet: AfroEurAsian music with Tobias Zipfel  (drums), John Schu (E-bass), Sven Rieger (E- guitar) and Victor Cidnavi (tenor sax).

=> The SoulSpeakers:  Rhythym & Blues, Soul and Funk with Marcus Bencivenga (E-guitar, vocals)
and Victor Cidnavi (tenor & soprano sax). 

=> The Indigenous Strangers:  R&B, Funk and Oriental Jazz Rock with Tobias Zipfel  (drums),  Christian Hauser (E-guitar), Artur (E-bass) and Victor Cidnavi (tenor & soprano sax). 

You can contact Victor Cidnavi via e-mail: music[at]victorcidnavi.com

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